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Your communication
has never been so exciting

Nothing is left to chance with Nemesia Studio! Shooting, Videomaking, corporate video and drone filming are the most efficient tools to improve the image of your company and its products.

We tailor a high-quality, engaging image for your company: the right step to empower and enhance the message you want to communicate.

Images draw attention and excite even the most distracted, making your product more appealing, ready for the web, social media, and more traditional mediums like TV and magazines.


We offer the right location, and we select for you professional actors and models that will help you choosing always the best.


We plan our service in every detail: environment, set, equipment, lights, characters, storyboard, timing.


We create professional videos as Visual Storytelling. Eye-catching, exciting, we make unique your story, mission, and communication.


We carefully gather the ideas and data necessary for an impeccable work that will get you to the result you want.


The right shot, rhythm, light, color: all the necessary for a perfect shooting is taken care of ahead. No detail is left behind, for details and precision make you stand out.

360° TOUR

Spherical and panoramic photos for real virtual tours, in sync with the latest technologies, will make a visit to your showroom, art exhibition, company, and offices, an excellent base for creating immersive scenarios and innovative applications, like virtual e-commerces.

Food e Products

We offer in-depth knowledge of the art of food photography and still life. We take care of every detail: lights, shots, a creative combination of styling and environment, the position of the ingredients, the dish, a careful combination of liquids and solids, for a harmonious and balanced result that will fully enhance your product.

Fashion, Beauty and Personal Care

In the last years, the companies in the industry have been focusing mainly on the web, particularly on platforms like YouTube and other social media, greatly reducing the costs of more classical advertising such as tv and printing. Our team is constantly researching new designs and trends, so we can offer a successful service, from shooting and filming, that will enhance your product, to packaging and integrated communication. Careful care is put into each detail: lights, environments, location, scenography, testimonials, models, for a final, prestigious image. Constant research is fundamental, as constant is the evolution of trends and taste.

Automotive, Sport and Industrial

We offer professional photo and video shooting in automotive and manufacturing. Our service combines and enhances engineering and dynamicity, adding up our passion to the producer’s one, pairing images with our ability to communicate with the final target, both in B2B and the B2C market. The result is a strong, exciting, and successful communication. We’ve gained experience with international brands in press campaigns, TV, and in the last years by taking advantage of the full potential of the internet. Sport, too, lives on passion, and for us is a must to align images with it, so we can follow, and anticipate, fashion and trends.


Whether you’re a private or a public institution, a sports club, or a company, Nemesia Studio is the right partner to make your events unique. We take care of corporate and institutional events, conventions, conferences, exhibitions, open days, products presentations, press days, inaugurations, cocktails, and special events. We have the right solution for every context and budget.

Aerial filming with drones

Whether nature, sport, automotive, manufacturing, or fashion, for any event drones are the perfect choice for a different, powerful perspective that will amaze your audience. They offer a new point of view that can greatly enhance your image and communication. Its applications are very different, outdoor and indoor, from corporate video to documentary, cinema, and music videos, aerial shots have always been highly effective. Since we have professional drones, though, we can achieve unique shots that previously were just imagination.

Turism and Nature

Nature, culture and art become the center of our photo and video shootings. We always pay a lot of attention to evoking emotions, channeling interest and passion. Communicate your news with the right style and taste: to those that already follow you and those that don’t yet. Choose the right image for your audience, appealing and effective. You will see how is important for us to value every detail, movement and situation.